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And in that moment we were the apple guy.


Ryan and Gavin’s banana drama in Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 91 - Darwin Awards

"Oh… Gavin’s a dead man."

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trying to renew my xbox live membership AND NOTHING IS WORKING

and now it’s midnight and i’m so tired



my feet hurt. and so does my back. and my legs. and everything.

working retail kinda sucks, but it really sucks around holidays.

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so when i was little and saw Tarzan the first time, i remember that my mom was excited for it because she has always loved phil collins.

flash forward to now, and i’m listening to the Disney station on Pandora like every single day. and Tarzan songs come up all the time, and all I can do is think about my mom. she doesn’t know it, but her song in my mind is You’ll Be In My Heart.